Benefits of carrot in your skin

30 Oct

carrot skincareBenefits of carrot skin the carrot is a food whose properties for the skin makes it an even more interesting food and are the ones we will discuss below:

The main properties of this food are based on a high concentration of beta carotene and antioxidants. The latter will help combat the signs of aging and protect our skin against external aggressors such as UV light, ultimately, help us look younger longer.

The high concentration of beta carotene help us maintain our skin to tan, as it stimulates the formation of melanin, which is a great ally to maintain the color you’ve gotten this summer. Just does not abuse it is because too much could produce a yellowish orange color on the palms of the hands and feet.

It is also ideal for combating oily skin and acne pimples. To do this you can develop this simple homemade mask that is to chop a carrot with a chopper, to make puree, and add an egg white. Are mixed and already have a mask ready to apply to our skin that you will allow standing about half an hour.


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