Organic natural beauty and ecological

23 Oct

natural beauty careWhat is the difference between natural cosmetics, organic and organic? With the rise of many natural beauty products are using confusing terms.

Beauty products are not heavily regulated for what they use names for marketing purposes without necessarily having the properties advertised. So we can not always believe what the label says.

What are the natural beauty products?
This almost never means anything. The word natural can be used on any product for even more processed chemical ingredients were once natural. Mineral oil comes from oil refining is arguably natural because it comes from oil.

Organic beauty products and biological
The term organic (or biological) is controlled not everywhere, but there are certifications that guarantee if a product is organic. In the USA and the European Union (EU) there are guidelines and rules for use and the logo that indicates it’s organic guaranteed.

The importance of organic ingredients is that the ingredients of plant and animal origin not use pesticides, food and fertilizers that are not considered organic.

Although generally of better quality than non-organic cosmetics, just because they do not guarantee efficiency and are not necessarily better. The effectiveness depends on the ingredients they contain.

Remember that not everything natural is organic, but organic is all natural.

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