Sun, skin and medicine: a dangerous combination

29 Oct

dangerous combination Recent summers have been developed with major heat waves and the sun getting stronger and harmful if not taken appropriate measures when exposed to it. The reality is that they expect the sweltering heat in the summer months are becoming more frequent and intense in many parts of the world. For this reason, it is important to remember to follow strict instructions not to have a bad time next summer.

Not only must we be cautious about the peak times, taking into account the use of sunscreen and stay hydrated in the sun constantly, but it is also important to consider that some are often consumed by a lot of people can be harmful to health when in contact with the sun.

The reaction that individuals treated with various medications to deal with the sun is called phototoxicity and is virtually undetectable from the outset. Phototoxicity is manifested in the body by irritating and damaging the skin. Usually presents as redness and inflammation, although in some cases blisters often appear.

Drugs that can cause these reactions are diuretic drugs, tranquilizers and antidepressants, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory and some antibiotics such as tetracycline or sulfa drugs.

To treat phototoxicity is recommended to remove the intake of medication that caused the reaction. If possible it is best to take good care of the sun and cover certain areas that are more exposed as the face, legs and chest. It is also appropriate to use high factor sunscreen, using hats and cortisone ointments to relieve the irritation.

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