Urticaria Pigmentosa: Not Serious But Uncomfortable for Sufferers

19 Oct

Uncomfortable for SufferersIt is a disease that is not serious, but uncomfortable for sufferers. It is a very common variety of mastocytosis, a disease caused by the increased number of mast cells, cells that release substances, among which is histamine.

While there is a serious disease, it is embarrassing for the sufferer and should be diagnosed and treated properly.

Begins to develop between birth and the first 2 years of life and is manifested by the appearance of spots or blemishes that come together to form individual plaques sometimes higher, called wheals.

The welts are the color of the skin, yellowish or dark brown and can range from 1 to 3 cm. in diameter.

Develop mainly on the trunk and symmetrically, i.e. as shown in palms, soles and scalp.

What distinguishes it from other types of urticaria is that when you scratch or rub take a more red color, which is known as Darier sign “and is used as the best sign for diagnosis.

May be caused by several reasons among which are found.
Sports or games of friction such as judo, wrestling and others.
The intense heat or cold.
The sting of certain insects.
Certain foods, like seafood or strawberries.
Some medicines.
X-rays and laboratory studies using contrast material.
The scratching of the lesions may cause itching and flushing.

For treatment, avoid and control situations and substances that trigger events and the use of antihistamines.

It is also important to control stress, scratching a rash, avoid extreme cold or heat, alcohol, and the work end.

Patients with urticaria of any type should avoid taking aspirin and NSAIDs.

To relieve itching and discomfort, warm bath or shower with oatmeal relief temporary. It is advisable not to apply ointments, lotions or creams, or use scented soap when bathing.


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