Herpes Zoster: Painful Skin Rash

16 Nov

Skin RashThe varicella virus causes this type of herpes is very painful. Some people know him as “shingles” and are sometimes seen as a repetition of this disease in adulthood.

More or less about 20% of people who were infected by chicken pox, especially those with weakened immune systems, are at risk of developing shingles; these include people with HIV / AIDS and over 50 years.

The difference between the diseases, which in this case ignites a sensory nerve that originates in the spinal cord, makes it very painful and uncomfortable.

The chickenpox virus, after causing the disease, remains in the body and hides in certain nerve cells, when activated again, causing the terrible nerve pain in addition to the eruption of vesicles (blisters) along the path of a nerve root.

The trouble starts with itching, numbness, tingling, gastrointestinal discomfort, fever and severe pain in the body that feeds mainly affected the nerve root at the waist, chest, back, or around the nerves of the face or eye.

In rare cases, herpes can infect the nerves of the face or eye manifesting as rashes around the mouth, face, neck, scalp, in or around the ears or the tip of the nose.

Rashes that usually appear on one side of the body, causing redness and slight swelling in the skin and then the red spots that turn into small vesicles or blisters filled with fluid, which are dried and crust over within a few days. Permanent scars are rare and most people recover rather quickly.

However, sometimes the attack of herpes zoster pain is followed by a nerve that runs along the way; this complication is known as post herpetic neuralgia.


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