Facial massage to restore the smoothness

04 Nov

smoothness Who has not had one of those days when you notice your skin is worse than ever because of stress? At such times all think how well we come one afternoon in a luxury spa to relieve stress and returning to our face the beauty and serenity that has been lost.

Well, stop dreaming of expensive sites, you can return it to your skin that looks smooth and relaxed you are looking for. To this day I have a couple of secrets to learn to give your skin a truly magical self-massage.

Follow the instructions and watch your movement slowly returns to work wonders and stressed muscles relax completely.

- Supports between your eyebrows the 3 middle fingers of each of your hands and slide it under slight pressure from the center toward the temples.

- Once there press in a circular motion several times and then returns to the nose.

- Before you please repeat the gentle massage with your middle fingers under the eyes.

- The next step is performed to support the thumb under the jaw and extending the other fingers, which will cross with light pressure to the top of the cheekbones, from the inside temples.

- This massage is repeated on the middle of the cheeks as well.

For best results you can perform the massage with the help of creams or oils. You will see as your face recovers the freshness and vigor that fatigue often takes away.

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