Instant Beauty: No Time, No Problem

29 Nov

When there is no time to act fast. When emergencies beauty and creativity are a few tips is all you need to see you pretty.

Instant facial
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Instant facial


A mask or the following recipe: 2 tablespoons unflavored yogurt preferably, a teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of whole oats and if your skin is oily a few drops of lemon.

Optional chamomile tea

Wipe your face with water at the time (never hot or cold)

Put water on to boil when you put him herb chamomile tea. Put your face close to the vapors will open the pores and impurities out. You can do it for 5 minutes.

Save half a cup of chamomile water and put some ice cubes to cool quickly. When did this cold plunges two pieces of cotton to cover your eyes while you have the mask on (must be cold).

Put the mask over his face, lie down and relax for 10 minutes, 5 if the rush is great.

Wipe the mask with water and apply yourself to other cotton end the remaining water of chamomile as a tonic.

Feel the skin, you relax and your skin will look very healthy and radiant.

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