Pimples and Glazes Free Skin

06 Nov

pimplesThe skin of adolescents renews itself easily and efficiently. It also has a natural protective barrier that prevents moisture loss. Moreover, the epidermis can produce much fat, thus showing highlights and pimples that are so unsightly.

In the market there are many   products to reduce fat in the skin of the face. There are treatments different applications, either in pill or gel pads, and generally works well. We recommend the products of the ROC and Pierre Fabre Laboratories both have effective products for spots.

Sisal Calypso. It is a vegetable fiber sponge, scrub, cellulite, toning, etc. specifically designed to care for and beautify the skin. It has double-sided, one side is made of sisal fibers engaged scrubs treatment and other natural cellulose fibers with large pores to treat the skin gently.

Nexcare skin sponges sold in pharmacies, provide clear, radiant skin type because it removes dirt and grease residue prevents the formation of acne.

These sponges are presented with three different textures (super soft, smooth and normal) for a mild peeling of the skin, removing everyday dirt and the layer of dead skin cells, preventing the formation of acne and provided to the skin a soft, smooth, radiant and youthful.

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