Why are there black spots on the face?

10 Nov

black spotsWhy leave black spots on the face? Some think it’s because the pores are very large and goes dirt on them, others think the pimples are not officially end up as black spots. But these are not the exact reasons.

The black dots are nuts that are showing that we see white tip on the shins, because the pores are too large to form a protective layer on the skin when infected. So it’s more or less a mixture of the two reasons I told you above.

What happens is that your body produces oil bait, especially if you’re someone with very oily skin. This is perfect for your hair is shiny and moisturized, as well as for your skin, but if production begins to cause problems too.

The substance travels from the sebaceous glands up your pores and hair follicles to reach the surface of the skin. When too much sebum gets stuck and does not reach the surface, creating cell death. Then the pores become smaller and a protective layer of skin forms on top, causing the formation of pimples.

Blackheads form when pores are larger and the protective layer can not be done, so the fat is exposed to air that manages to oxidize and change color to create the dot horrible hate everyone.

The process is very simple after you know it, and of course, now you know where it comes from the black dots.

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