Homemade Mask To Combat Spots

30 Dec

combat SpotsTo combat the black spots that usually appear on the nose, chin and other areas of the face is very strong this home treatment that leaves your face clean and invigorated.

To make the mask just put 1 / 4 of a liter of water on the fire with two chamomile tea bags. When the water begins to boil their vapors are used to make vapor (with the help of a towel) and thus open pores.

When the fumes begin to wane are removed and transferred to clean the pores gently rubbing his face with half a lemon and a handful of sugar. These two ingredients exfoliate and leave skin clean and strengthened.

Lately, to close the pores and prevent re-soiling (and appear black dots) to clean the face with lots of cool water, the colder the water better.

This treatment effect is achieved once a week and is best done at night because the lemon juice does leave stains if you happen to sunlight.

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