No more black spots

25 Oct

black spotsEven in the skin can be healthier and more beautiful black spots. Not a problem for adolescents, but also some mature faces. Suffer from oily skin to a greater extent, so that prevention and proper cleansing are crucial to prevent its occurrence and to eliminate existing ones.

Prevents the accumulation of fat is the best way to curb the black spots before they occur. This is achieved by always using a cleanser and scrub in the areas most likely, which can be completed with the use of exfoliating tonic.

There are complementary treatments. For example, once or twice a week, you can fight black spots with the help of a purifying mask that contains ingredients such as activated charcoal, clay or kaolin, which help to de-scale the sebum.

Very effective and comfortable to wear strips are cleaning. They contain a substance which, upon contact with water “sticks” to the fat of the pores and it entails. These strips should be used no more than two or three times a week and never on irritated skin, such as by the sun.

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