Gold As Cosmetic

01 Dec

Gold CosmeticsMore and more often we see creams or treatments that have gold in their content. It is sometimes visible and sometimes not, but they spread a lot of these products. It appears, from ancient times it has been used in cosmetics, at least in some parts of the world, and obviously in very limited quantities.

Then I did a small research staff, with some well-known beautician, to see the rationale for its use for these purposes.

It appears that gives luminosity to the skin, has anti-aging and nourishing effect. But its power of penetration into the skin is very limited. Of course that favors the penetration of other substances containing cosmetic.

Therefore, if the cosmetic chemical design is right, the gold support and much, allowing penetration of these products.

My recommendation is to consult a beautician of confidence for each particular product.

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