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08 May

Corrects dark areas of your face

The spell is the tool to correct dark areas on the skin. Usually these areas are under eyes and around the lips and nose. To identify these areas have the following: in front of a mirror with her hair bows his head and looks directly at the mirror.

In this position it is easier to see where we have dark areas. Once you’re sure where you need concealer, apply with a brush or a makeup sponge.

Do not get spell where you do not need (unless you’re creating a special effect). If you have any mud to apply concealer can cover just about correcting mud. The crayon-shaped cover over. The spell must be 2 shades lighter than the base. If you have a lot of pink pigmentation test or olive green concealer (if green). The green color neutralizes the best cover. Do not use green in areas that do not need to cover, because it would create more shadows.

A basis for building

When it comes to the base is better to use a thin consistency. The thick consistency emphasizes wrinkles or lines.

Add sparkle to your eyes

Use a shadow base. Usually pale pink or white shades translucent (these are the most common), but now fashion other soft colors like purple or lime green. The important thing is that this shadow is nearly transparent. Its function is to add shine and enhance the eyes. When you do not have time for makeup lipstick, mascara, blush and these shadows you take out of trouble.

Enlarged eyes

Without surgery. This is easily done less with more mascara and eyeliner. The mask should be applied over the base so the lashes look longer. Whenever you can curl the lashes (before painting) this also helps them be more lengthy.

Depilate eyebrows

Eyebrows are what define the look on your face. Well-defined eyebrows with the correct arc exalt your eyes and enhance your speech. Sharp eyebrows, well-groomed are essential to get a good makeup. Eyebrows usually require no makeup; just brush them to make sure no hair is out of place. If you put color in your eyebrows look good because many times it makes the person look older.


Loose or compact powders are ideal for summer because they absorb oil from the skin, but beware, do not use more than necessary because it tends to accumulate in the lines and wrinkles.

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