Back to routine: win the battle against dark circles!

22 Sep

Lack of rest is often reflected in your eyes. We give you the keys to prevent it.

The alarm clock that marks, as every morning, returning to the daily routine: work, rush, dream … All this turmoil in which it makes for a good number of people in September may be reflected in your face.

Dark circles are one of the main informers of the lack of sleep. We will give you a few tips so you will not be overcome by its effects and reveal a radiant look.

-The first step is to prepare the skin before applying moisturizer for the outline.
-Do not use more products for better results: it is preferable to use sparingly.
-Do not try to completely cover the eyecup at all costs. As much as you insist, they will never completely erase something bluish tone. The goal is to remove dark circles light to the eye, not miracles.
Extend the spell-using gentle taps, without dragging or stretching the skin.
-This product can be used either alone or over and under your foundation, but always ensuring that it blends with the skin.

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