Eliminates dark circles

18 Sep

dark circlesIt is important to know which the dark circles are. Dark circles are alterations of the skin under the eyes of a darker color than normal. They do not have any medical problems and give the feeling that they have tired eyes.

The main reasons why we have dark circles are:
* Age: The older the dark circles become more evident as the skin becomes thinner and less supple.
* Race: The Mediterranean race is more prone to dark circles because it has more pigment than other breeds like the black.
* States of hormonal alteration: Since retention, pregnancy or menstruation.
* Stress: When you have concerns, depression, or sleep deprivation.

To avoid them you should:
* Rest at least eight hours.
* Protect the skin under the eyes with sunscreen.
* If you take medicines for menopause, as the case of hormones, not sunbathing.
* Include in your diet foods that promote circulation.
* Do not expose yourself to the sun during peak hour’s radiation. (Between 12 noon and 4 pm)

If you have dark circles, to eliminate you peel a cucumber and squeeze completely, then you should keep the pulp in the refrigerator to cool it for a few hours. Then you have to keep squeezing a lemon and juice. When it is cold cucumber pulp together with the lemon juice and adds two egg whites. He bats around and finally you apply it in circles for 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water.

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