Eliminates dark circles hateful!

08 Apr

dark circlesThese ugly dark stains that appear on the lower contour of the eye are an accumulation of pigment, and is worse when you are accompanied by swelling or tenderness.

Is that this area of the face has a very thin layer of skin, and veins tend to show through, creating a contrast with the rest of the skin, which is clearer.

Some factors contributing to the formation of dark circles:

- Drowsiness or tiredness: causes the veins that carry blood to the eyes and nose to swell, becoming more visible.

- Use glasses: generates more eyestrain, and this in turn causes the same effect as sleep.

- Fluid retention.

- Diseases: allergy or conjunctivitis is some conditions that irritate the eyes and cause dark circles.

- Heredity: there are people more likely than others to have dark circles, even chronically.

Tricks and natural remedies to eliminate or reduce their appearance:

Boil water, chamomile tea bags, cool in the refrigerator and apply it as compress on your eyes.

- Exercise your eyes moving from side to side, up and down and diagonal.

- Bring a healthy diet.

- Drink plenty of water.

- Sleep you need per day.

- Apply in and around your eyes cosmetics having substances decongestant, anti-inflammatory and draining.

- Use concealer. Choose more in keeping with the color of your skin and wear it always in your purse or wallet.

- Keep hydrated the area of your eyes with a good cream, massaging and giving little taps.

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