The beauty secrets of the models

27 Jun

Have you seen the goddess of the catwalk parades always impeccable, and thought Paraver How do you? Today, some top models tell you their beauty secrets.

Odiel Gabey Hanne says his secret to a good hair care is the powder for Bumble and Bumble hair around. “I have very thick hair, so I can skip the use of shampoo,” he says.

Coco Rocha says the key is the look on your face that looks as if they wear makeup. “A neutral lip causes the highlight Jos” he says.

For May Anderson est’ña beauty secret inside you: literally. “Herbal vitamins can help with everything from mood swings to the nails … even your energy level and a skin that looks young and healthy “.

Mey Bun also believes that beauty comes from inside: “Be relaxed things means less stress for me and that makes me happy.”

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