Looking for preventing wrinkles? Join the copper!

23 Aug

preventing wrinklesIt sounds strange to think that a metal can help care for the skin, right? Moreover, thinking in metals comes to my mind the wires and we have at home everywhere, do not you? But it is true that now seems that everything that exists in nature is done to help us to see ourselves better. This being the case, it is about to use it, because everything is at our fingertips.

This time we talk about an element that can help us make ourselves more beautiful and always dream of seeing younger and fresher looking skin. The fact is that we can not stop time, but what we can do is be careful from now. How? Copper Consuming!

Dr. Manuel Olivares, a researcher at INTA (Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology of Chile) said that “Copper is essential for the production of melanin (skin pigment), as well as the role of lysyl oxidase cuproenzima, which is produced by cross-linking of collagen and elastin fibers that have to do with the elasticity of the skin. ”

Christian, what the doctor means is that copper has the ability to facilitate the production of melamine which helps maintain good skin color and prevent staining. Also contributes to the development of enzymes that give elasticity to the skin and combat wrinkles, sagging and stretch marks hated. It even lowers the chance that you go gray!

Mind you, we’re talking about preventing not avoid, because nothing prevents us to reach higher wrinkles, we can do is to reduce the impact of time and gravity. The lack of elasticity of the skin due to lack of vitamins E, C, B5 and minerals such as zinc, copper and silicon. Moreover, vitamin C and copper are the most vital, and we recommend consuming at times of stress at work, when they are needed most.

Eating does not mean stripping copper wires from your devices and wires bite or boil the metal and take water. There are foods that contain copper; I did not know that nature is going amazing! You can eat whole grains and products, dried peas, beans or beans, whole wheat, prunes, beef liver and most of the seafood.

There are products on the market made from copper treatments you can buy and add to your daily beauty routine. For example, colloidal copper can be applied to the skin or taken in capsule form. There is a Colombian company that distributes this treatment. In the United States distributed a treatment called Nevo, which helps fight lines and spots on the skin.

You see, nature once again gives us an alternative to fight the passage of time. Includes copper and vitamin C in your diet and sure notice the difference. I’ll try, also try and tell us how you go!

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