Strange moles, examine your skin

24 Oct

15 minutes is sufficient to analyze the origin of your moles.

If your skin is damaged by the sun or has many moles, it is important to take a moment for you to have self-examination and detect if it can be a melanoma.

We must pay attention when your body is asymmetrical spots have irregular edges, inhomogeneous color and a diameter greater than six millimeters, and it could be skin cancer.

For a self-fulfillment stand naked in front of a mirror and put your hands up, observe the front and side. Check your arms and palms.

With the aid of the mirror Examine back of neck, scalp, lower back, the buttocks, and genitals. Finally, sit on the floor and see the back of the legs and the soles of the feet. If you notice a spot or mole similar to what you describe go to your dermatologist.

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