Get Familiar With Your Moles

20 Nov

Moles are usually benign; they are a group of pigmented cells. Most people have between 10 to 40 moles, and the amount can constantly change. Can go anywhere in the body.

It is very important to get to the moon to be able to notice any change in them, and some may become cancerous, especially developing melanoma. These can come along or within a common mole or in some dark spot of the skin.

Moles can have a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Color can be skin, brown, blue or black, round to oval and be the size of the tip of a pin or large enough to cover a tip. Those who are older than 4 cm and are present at birth, it is advisable to remove them to prevent them from becoming cancerous.

The surface of a mole can be smooth, rough, flat or raised. Throughout life can amended or even disappear. Moles have no rationale, and scientists do not know why they form. Most moles are harmless and do not require medical attention.

Risk Factors

Many types of moles have a high percentage chance of becoming cancerous as:

Moles present at birth, called congenital moles or large moles with hairs have a high rate of becoming cancerous. It is very important that a analyze physician, as well as large.

Lunar hereditary. Those are larger normal average, so irregular. As with all skin cancers, melanoma can be treated successfully if detected early.
A large number of moles larger than a pencil eraser of a pencil, irregularly shaped also have a big risk factor.

For you are well

Familiarize yourself with all your moles and watch them if they change color, size or texture, as you notice any changes go to your dermatologist.

Protect your skin daily with sunscreen.

Any mole of abnormal size should be checked by your doctor.
If you’ve noticed a new mole after age 20, it is important to visit your dermatologist.

Any mole that you have been removed, it is very important to be analyzed in a special laboratory, to be sure that it was benign.

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