Remove warts: some natural remedies

19 Oct

Warts are unusual growths that occur on the skin. They are very common in both children and adults. Although usually not harmful, it is important to be aware they can expand or increase its size for no apparent reason, in which case you must go to the specialist.

There are several remedies to get rid of warts and prevent them from reproducing.

Castor Oil
This is an excellent method widely used for its effectiveness in removing warts. The cure is slather castor oil every night in the affected area, always gently.

The milky juice of figs can also be used for the same purpose. Just extract the juice from fresh fruit when ripe yet and put on the warts several times a day.

The potato is very beneficial for curing warts. Should be cut and rubbed raw in the damaged area several times a day, at least for two weeks. Another method is to crush a piece of raw potato and apply the pulp on the warts. Gauze can be used to hold the pasta. Treatment is best carried out before sleeping and washes the next morning with enough cold water.

One remedy is to apply equally viable onion on the area. This plant irritates the skin and stimulates blood circulation. For recalcitrant warts can be applied fresh onion juice and let it dry on them. The idea is not flush but wait the normal time and then wash the bathroom naturally. This method is one of the most effective for warts on the hands and soles of the feet, but should not be used for the face.

Try it and tell us what results you got!

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