Pimples or papules: What are and how quickly eliminate

05 Feb

remedies for pimplesThe bumps or pimples are usually red bumps that usually appear in the skin affected by acne or sometimes have pimples or blackheads, and did not show a central point such as pimples and blackheads.

The cause of pimples or papules usually obstruction of pores and excessive sebum secretion, which create an unsightly bulge, but not usually leave scars and marks if not pressed and treat it properly. They can also be caused by viral infections such as warts and shellfish, or eczema, mild bacterial infections, tumors, etc..

How to remove pimples and bumps quickly and without scars?

To remove pimples and bumps on our skin, usually just wait a while until they disappear by themselves. But if we wish to eliminate them quickly and improve our aesthetic, natural soaps we use special skin with pimples without aggressive agents or chemical irritants, or some solutions of herbal, flavored with thyme and mallow, parsley, cranberries, onions, papaya, cabbage, cypress, etc. These home remedies for pimples and papules can prepare yourself, or use natural masks and creams and prepared the market, especially if we can not eliminate them, as the leading pharmaceutical active ingredients of these plants in the most appropriate concentrations.

In cases where these clays are of a size larger than normal, or strange, we go to a dermatologist to diagnose if it is just a pimple or papule, or is a more serious problem that needs treatment with antibiotics, special creams, anti-inflammatory, etc.

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