How to prevent diaper rash in babies

10 Nov

prevent diaper rashDiaper rash or diaper dermatitis caused by one of the most common complaints and repeat offenders who have babies during the first two years of life, although through proper hygiene can be prevented.

It usually occurs due to an inadequate toilet in the diaper area, as the pH of urine and feces is acid are strong for the delicate skin of the baby is added to this inadequate ventilation and continuous rubbing of the diaper, creating a environment prone to the onset of irritation that can be seen in areas such as the groin, genitals and sometimes the abdomen.

In principle there is redness in the area, which then results in ulceration and peeling skin, if not treated in time can occur as blisters with pus, which indicates a bacterial or fungal infection (candidiasis), in which case should consult a doctor immediately.

Some tips to follow:

Change wet diapers immediately.

Change the diaper every 4 hours, it’s wet or not.

Use a pH neutral soap.

Use zinc oxide ointment.

Expose the area to sunbathe daily for 10 minutes to promote the absorption of vitamin C.

Natural recipe to prevent diaper rash:

Beat the egg whites until stiff, applies in the groin on each diaper change (expected to dry before putting the diaper), the collagen in the egg helps prevent skin irritation.

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