The danger of the sun’s rays

14 Nov

danger of the sun's rays After a few hours in the sun on the beach our skin may be red as a tomato, as happened to the man in the picture above. These burns, besides being harmful to the skin, show us what they are intense sunlight and therefore, how necessary it is day Warning from them.

Our skin has a natural protective layer that protects us from ultraviolet radiation called melanin. However, when exposed to too much sun, the melanin pigment is not enough and so after our skin is red and burns us. That is why we must apply the extra protection that we offer creams or sunscreens, especially the white-skinned people, which are those with less melanin.

One of the most common mistakes to think that the danger of the sun’s rays just sit on the beach in summer and 40 degrees of heat. While a lesser extent, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation takes effect throughout the year.

In addition to using sunscreen, there are other ways to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Among them, avoid direct exposure, especially in the time at which the rays are strongest (between 10 am and 5 pm), wear comfortable clothing, preferably fresh and bright colors, wear a hat and sunglasses sun and avoid tanning beds tanning.

Remember that the sun causes damage to the skin is irreversible and cumulative. So, protect yourself now.

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