Skin care in summer

03 Aug

skin careSummer has arrived and the beach is a great opportunity for a start, and you take care of your skin if you make a continuous sun exposure. There are some simple solutions to be able to maintain or prolong.

Upon returning from the beach Take a shower with a sponge with a few drops of water mixed with coconut oil to soften. Do not forget to visit your whole body tissues of aloe vera to exfoliate the impurities.

Some of the following suggestions may find useful: use creams with vitamins to keep your skin from drying put self-tanning moisturizers for the body to maintain your tan care with a refreshing gel and your skin peels off  the neck and shoulders are prone to become red, apply sunscreen so special for this area.

If you expose yourself to sunlight several hours daily, it is advisable that one or two days aa week rest leave your skin from UV rays. Well, the skin may become sensitized, crack or be opaque.

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