Three Tips To Look Beautiful

10 Oct

Do you have a few days and go on vacation. In anticipation of it would be better to follow a training program for the beach that will help you feel great from day one.

1. Perfect tan

Keep a clean solar capsules before going on vacation. These supplements will prepare your skin for sun exposure to the sun and you’re guaranteed a tan easily obtained, intense and long lasting. It protects you from sunburn, but that does not mean you can exclude lotion beach bag.

Most solar capsules contain carotene, vitamin E and selenium. These three ingredients fight against free radicals generated during exposure to sunlight. They strengthen the skin’s defense system and gives a golden color.

Treatment begins two weeks before going to the beach and it still continues ten days after the last exposure. Solar capsules are good for everyone, especially for persons who have sensitive skin.

2. Gorgeous hair

Revolutionized hair styling serum. With a simple spray wand that guarantees them a very nice effect to your hair gloss. Apply serum to wet hair. If you use a serum with a fat composition, apply it only on peaks to avoid looking alleyways.

To standardize the serum, do not apply directly to the hair. Sprays in hand, it warms a bit and then spread it at the ends. Do not use a lot because your hair will gain weight faster and you will get the opposite effect of what you really want.

3. Pedicure and manicure

Pedicure is essential during the entire summer. And it is not limited to the giving to nail it supposed to moisturize your feet, to remove corns and nail to give the desired shape. At least once a month gives you a complete foot care.

* Wipe your nails with solvent and cut them with a pile of cardboard.
* Keep your feet in a basin of warm water and liquid soap added to 30 grams of sodium bicarbonate. Wipe them well and remove cuticles.
* Massage your feet with a product for peeling. Rinse them and then clean your heels with a pumice stone when the skin is still damp.
* Wipe your feet and apply moisturizing body milk.
* Regarding the hands, should prevent skin dehydration, a process due to increased summer water, chlorine and salt. Apply a daily moisturizing hand cream that will soften your hands and will refresh them. You can even use face cream that has more power in hydration.


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