Allergies. A false alarm reaction in the body

30 Jan

allergic reactionEach year in early spring, it is common among relatives and acquaintances hear repeated complaints of annoying allergy sufferers that is interfering in their lives continuously, creating in many types of problems and above all a great discomfort that often do not know how convenient shortcut by ignoring the real causes exactly what the occasion.

What is clear is that whenever an allergic reaction occurs because you have previously existed, at some point, exposure to one of the many allergens that exist. Once it has started reaction allergic, the immune system very sensitive to certain substances, wrongly believed that the body is being attacked by them, when in reality, harmless substances are not harmful at all. However, in this alert, the immune system begins to release eosinophils and IgE, as well as other types of cells, called antibodies, to address the alleged invasion, usually infectious viruses and bacteria, which believes it is occurring at the time. All this translates into our external body inflammation levels more or less weight and discomfort of some magnitude.

Reactions in general are usually not too important, although dependent on many factors in our environment. These irritations are often hives, swelling, rashes and itching, but sometimes can also create some danger, especially in cases where there are breathing problems or blood pressure falls.

Experts generally agree that the best way to treat allergic reactions is prevention, that is, try to stay away from allergens to know. In this way, able to avoid the unpleasant symptoms and irritations that cause allergies each year in much of the population.

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