Sunscreen Myths

14 Oct

You think that olive oil protects against ultraviolet rays? Do you think that UVA rays are not as dangerous as the UVB?

Such myths about sunscreen can put life in danger. A poor protection against UV rays can lead to skin cancer, and one of the most common and aggressive form of cancer is melanoma.

“Melanoma is considered the most aggressive skin cancer, lead to death if diagnosed late because metastasize relatively quickly. But if it is detected in a curable stage. Therefore we must prevent the appearance of, to protect ourselves from the sun, We examine the skin, considering the changes that come and do a regular checkup at the dermatologist.

There is no 100% protection!

Until last year, the companies producing cosmetics sunscreen labels could pass phrases such as “sunblock”, “100% protection” or “total sun protection.” These indications were banned in the European Union because studies have shown that no sunscreen product can provide full protection against UV radiation.

Therefore, the European Commission imposed the use of standardized terms such as “low”, “medium”, “high” and “very high” sun protection factors (SPF – Sun Protection Factors).

According to these terms, can be indicated on the label:

* Low protection – SPF 6, 10
* Environmental protection – SPF 15, 20, 25
* High Protection – SPF 30, 50
* Very High Protection – SPF 50 +

UVA rays are not as dangerous as those UVB: false!

While UVB rays cause sunburn, UVA rays cause premature skin aging and disorders of the human immune system. Both types of radiation increases skin cancer risk. “Sun protection factor” only refers to equal levels of sunburn (UVB radiation).

Sunscreen products that provide protection only against UVB rays can give a false sense of security because hazardous UV radiation reach the skin.

Currently, the industry begins to apply a distinctive standardized labeling UVA, indicating a minimum level of protection against UVA rays, while it increases with increasing sun protection factor, according to the European Consumer Centre.

Self-tanning lotion does not protect you against UV rays!

There is the myth that lotions and creams that give the appearance of tanned skin and are efficient in terms of sun protection. It is a myth extremely dangerous for your health.

Self-tanning creams and lotions do nothing to “emulate” the tanned skin, coloring by a chemical reaction layer of dead skin cells. Therefore, they do not provide any sun protection.

The same is true for the oil to help accelerate the tanning. It does not provide adequate sun protection, with a low sun protection factor of 6 or 10. These oils are recommended only for those who have already tanned skin and very dark.


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