All About Sunscreen Lotions

09 Aug

Before exposure to the sun when you go on vacation or even leave the house, you must remember that cosmetic products help to combat the harmful effects of the sun.

Worldwide, every hour, one man dies of malignant melanoma, meaning that the stain can be easily confused with a simple mole. Skin cancer has become the most common form of cancer today. Studies show that one in five adults can die from this cause.

Protects from UVB but also UVA?

In general, the majority of the company are good for protection against ultraviolet B (UVB), but blocked a smaller extent ultraviolet A (UVA). The most effective creams are those mentioned on the label that acts against both UVA and UVB both. Both types of UV contribute to skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays are the ones that cause wrinkles and premature aging.

Also, the most effective creams are those containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Choose the correct protective factor

When using a sunscreen with factor 15, for example, blocks about 93% of ultraviolet rays, which is sufficient protection for most people. A blonde person with light skin, should use a sunscreen with SPF higher, say 30, which blocks 97% of ultraviolet rays, and a person with darker skin can use sunscreen with SPF reduced, even under 15.

Not eliminate the risk of cancer

Protection reduces the risk of cancer, but does not eliminate it. “Over the years that sunscreens were used, was found a decrease in the number of people suffering from skin cancer. We doctors know that they are effective protection against this type of cancer,” said dermatologist Margaret Parsons .

But experts are divided opinions, some saying that such products can also be harmful. Based on several studies on cosmetic products, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found a link between a chemical, retinyl palmitate, contained in some sunscreen and skin cancer risk. Retinyl palmitate is a component of vitamin A and is known for its anti-aging effects.

Studies by the National Center for Toxicological Research and National Toxicology Program have shown that mice whose skin was smeared with a cream containing retinyl palmitate tumors grow faster, compared to those who had not applied creams this ingredient.
Another substance that must be avoided is oxybenzonul which penetrates the skin and then enter the blood. Despite criticisms, dermatologists still recommend them to prevent sunburn, which can degenerate into skin cancer.


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