Questions about the shield (blocking) solar

03 Jan

shield Arguably the sun damages the skin. To protect some of the negative effects of the sun we have the guards, filters or sunscreens.

This time we share with you some questions we’ve received on these the use of these products in the face.

Is it really important to wear sunscreen?

Yes, it is very important to avoid strong sunlight and use sunscreen. There are many studies that show how the internal structure of the skin changes with exposure to the sun. The various layers of the skin are damaged slowly. What we see as a result of exposure to the sun are spots, freckles, discoloration, fading skin, more wrinkles, scars etc marked.

How much sunscreen I have to apply?

The amount recommended by dermatologists is 1 / 4 teaspoon to the face and the same amount in the neck.

The layer can be thick sunscreen especially if you use mineral-saver, but there are several products that are lighter including those that come in liquid.

I feel that the sunscreen I leave a white coating on the skin?

If you are using protective mineral, such as titanium dioxide containing and / or zinc oxide, this will tend to be visible on dark skin. In this case it is preferable to use another type of protector. Read the ingredients and make sure that does not contain the ingredients listed above.

I can use for body sunscreen on your face?

Yes you can, but sometimes it can irritate the skin and feel heavy or greasy so a special product for the face is preferable.

Have I reapply sunscreen

If you are on the beach or something similar must reapply every two hours. The darker skin is less frequently required. .

Is it bad sunscreen?

According to a study some of the ingredients of sunscreens can penetrate the skin and interfere with hormonal balance, but more studies are needed. Discussion is the ingredient Oxybenzone also known as benzophenone-3. If you want to avoid using a filter such as those containing mineral titanium dioxide and / or zinc oxide.

I have oily skin and sunscreens cause me pimples what I can do?

There are now many products that you can use that will cause pimples. Sunscreens are generally for all skin types but you need to experiment to find one you like.

If my moisturizer has sunscreen that is enough

It’s better than nothing, but dermatologists say it takes a larger amount than provided in creams or makeup.

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