Contact dermatitis and work

31 Jan

traditional beautyWe can start by saying that in our daily lives and even more at work, there are some obvious risk factors for contracting contact dermatitis. In itself, sunlight can be a trigger for this disease, because some allergens, when photosensitizer, often cause skin reactions when exposed to the sun. This could be the case when we apply a series of traditional beauty and grooming that we use daily in our home, such as certain soaps, perfumes, lotions, sunscreens, detergents and certain oils. They can also cause this reaction some vegetables and fruits (figs, celery, lime, etc.). Also, when we are being treated with drugs containing doxycycline or tetracycline, risk factors greatly increased. Without going any further, without realizing, following extensive use of contact lenses or daily use of a watch that contains nickel, may lead to the occurrence of contact dermatitis.

In the case of labor, there are some professions which, by its own characteristics, may be prone to this anomaly organic. For example, welders, glass blowers, cooks, construction workers, farmers, etc. Even in the case of women, simply because they are women, often have dual susceptibility to contact dermatitis, because quite often are spending time in environments such as hairdressing, nursing, contact with chemicals, etc. which favors the appearance of this anomaly of the skin.

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