6 things that is good for the skin

12 Feb

skin careYour skin is an organ highly sensitive to everything you do, for something is the largest organ in the human body. Everything we do or fail to do affects the same, therefore there are many ways to look after her and harm her. But, as in Makeufits we care about what is best for your health, today we’ll show you some things that are good for your skin.


Usually they say that oil is quite harmful to the skin, we usually avoid at all costs and even some people have stopped buying oil products in order to care for your skin. However, oil dosed in small amounts can be very good. We’re talking both to eat with oil using beauty products that contain it.


Personally, I love sleeping and I do what I can, is healthy, comforting, and other fun. But it has become more rewarding since I know I have a good rest helps regenerate the skin and therefore able to improve it.

Achieve at least 7 continuous hours of rest will be reflected on your skin immediately. This is because during sleep we’re always in a state of relaxation where the skin tends to relax and regenerate.


It is said that sugar is an enemy of the skin, and therefore the honey as well. But I have something to tell: the honey in small doses it does good for the skin. So do not be afraid to buy products with honey or create your own masks based on it.

Be active

As sleep is good for stress relief, physical activity works wonders to keep our skin elastic, bright and young all the time. This may seem useless at first but half is really recommended to prevent the effect of years.


Taking vitamins is more than recommended for skin care. It requires vitamin A, B, C and E. They can be taken through food and vitamin supplements. Obviously, it’s better if you would naturally get from our food. But if appropriate either of two methods is efficient.


Chocolate is the real icing on this cake. In case you did not know, black chocolate, the most bitter with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that help delay skin aging.

If you want to know more about your personal care I invite you to read about these 8 foods that are good for your hair.

I hope that following these recommendations you get healthier skin and cute. If you got results I invite you to leave your comments below.

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