Oils Against Aging Skin: Discover the best way to deal with the aging of the skin

18 Feb

Oils Aging Skin

Oils facing the aging of the skin

When the essential oil is used as part of a prescription against aging skin, these essential oils not only smell good (who does not love vanilla or lavender), while working to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and stubborn lines fine.
There are 4 essential oils in this recipe to deal with the aging of the skin: rose, rosemary, rosewood, sandalwood and musk rose oil.

Rose essential oil is known for its anti-viral properties and is used in lotions and creams, as it helps skin look younger.
Rosemary essential oil helps to relax muscles so that circulation is improved and is equally distributed throughout the area of the skin.
Rose essential oil is used in anti-aging recipes for skin care as oil which repairs the skin, reduces wrinkles and blemishes, and improves skin tone.
Sandalwood essential oil is often used to treat sensitive skin, skin rejuvenation and treatment of stretch marks.

Finally, rosehip oil is used to repair mature skin and helps dry skin, dull to restore moisture.

Note: Be sure to use essential oils are diluted with carrier oil.

Oils for Aging Skin

You will need:

  • 1 drop of essential oil of rosemary
  • 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 2 drops of rose essential oil
  • 1 ounce of rosehip oil.

Preparation of the prescription anti aging skin:
Mix all the oils. Apply liberally and wash with warm water.
This recipe of oils to treat aging skin is a good addition to the recipes for homemade masks. Used in combination with masks, alternating between the two.

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