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24 Jul

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Over the years we care for our growing power to prevent weight gain, but what we eat not only shape and influence our internal health. Not eating well can also leave your skin dull and aged.

The appearance of our skin depends largely on what we eat. And it is this organ of the body is the most extensive and is constantly being updated, so you need a continuous supply of essential nutrients to produce new cells.

Know what foods you should not miss on our table, if we take care of our skin that has a shiny appearance and young:

Proteins. They are the main component of collagen and elastin (two “ingredients” that are not lacking in anti-aging creams), which is what gives strength and elasticity to the skin. Foods of animal origin such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, and vegetables, grains and nuts offer protein.

Essential fatty acids. They are part of the structure of cell membranes and are essential for healthy skin. When the diet is low in good fats, which often occur in very strict dieting, the result is a tendency to dry skin with eczema and healing difficult. These essential fatty acids are found in oily fish, nuts and seed oils.

Antioxidants. Neutralize the action of free radicals and retard premature skin aging. Abound in garlic, onions, citrus, nuts, berries, etc..

Water. This wonderful nature element hydrates you and helps you eliminate toxins through sweat. If you do not take enough (at least 4 cups a day), the skin looks tired and you may encounter problems such as dermatitis or rashes.

Beta-carotene or provitamin A. helps the skin cell renewal and collagen production. The orange vegetables and green leafy vegetables like spinach are the best source of this vitamin.

Vitamin C. It is essential for the formation of collagen. It is recommended to consume in oranges (two day).

Vitamin E. Not only prevents premature aging, it also helps combat stretch marks. Find it in olive oil and wheat germ.

Group vitamins B. They are also vital for the skin. Can be found in whole grains, legumes and nuts.

Now that you know how to prevent premature aging of your skin, eat these foods that are super easy to find in every supermarket in your area. And you, how you care for your skin?

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