Non surgical wrinkle treatments

19 Oct

Thinking that the surgeries are the only way to keep skin young is a misconception, very wrong … There are infinitely many non surgical wrinkle treatments that allow us to see more young people more healthy, natural and – obviously – more economical.

Botox? Do they operate? No, do not need to schedule a visit to the surgeon. You can stay young and wrinkle antiaging tricks much easier. It is these that I tell here:

Drink plenty of water. This is the way to keep skin hydrated, which is much more smooth, clean, attractive and healthy. When we drink enough water, eliminate toxins and the skin becomes stronger and healthier, and therefore less prone to aging.

Eat antioxidant foods. These super healthy foods help to rejuvenate our body from the inside out. Among them are the apple, cranberries, green leafy vegetables, nuts, etc..

Exercise. Have you heard that exercise keeps you younger longer? In addition to improving our shape and help get your body strong and healthy, exercising regularly makes us feel less stressed and it shows in our appearance.

Hydrates the skin. As time passes, the skin loses its natural moisture and collagen, we must moisturize every day with appropriate creams. Be consistent with the cleansing of the skin. This is part of any anti-wrinkle treatment without surgery.

Do not stress. Stress is a big booster of aging. Do not stress on matters not worth it! Anxiety, stress, depression and other negative feelings are noticed in the appearance of your skin, your nails and hair.

Do not smoke or consume alcohol. These bad habits are bad for your skin, they cause dehydration. They also bring toxins that make it less healthy. Let these habits and you will be much younger!

Beware of the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is a direct cause of wrinkles, age spots and premature skin aging. If you want to stay young for much longer, it is mandatory that you apply yourself sun care sunscreen every day sunny and not expose yourself on a schedule that is between 11 and 17 hours.

Sleep well. When bad sleep can cause a hormonal imbalance that accelerates aging. Therefore it is recommended to sleep between 8 and 9 hours per day. We need sleep for our body to relax and oxygenate properly.

Have sex. Yes, another great treatment that keeps us young and healthy is to have sex regularly. According to studies, make love 3 times a week helps to de-stress so that we can look and feel 10 years younger!

What do you think these non surgical wrinkle treatments? As you see, have a good quality of life is most important for your health and for your appearance.

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