10 things to know about plastic surgery

14 Aug

surgeryThe dream of some people is to lose weight without complicated diets and long hours of exercise. Plastic surgery for years has emerged as the best option for them. However, before surgery is necessary to consider these 10 questions.

When obesity is hereditary it is impossible to lose weight?

The son of obese parents are ten times more likely to be obese, however, a healthy lifestyle along with exercise and a balanced diet can help manage weight in spite of the inheritance.

What about excess skin after major weight loss?

After a gastric bypass surgery may be consequences such as skin flaps that can be removed with surgery and depending on the health condition of each patient can perform more than one procedure to remove excess skin.

Is plastic surgery is done only out of vanity?

It is estimated that liposuction can bring health benefits and combat cardiovascular disease.

How I can eliminate the signs of aging such as wrinkles hold hands?

Yes there is a procedure that stretches the skin on the hands but is not usually practiced because it leaves a very noticeable scar.

Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

As long as you have passed at least one or two years after the procedure, it does not prevent the woman to conceive.

For how a weight reduction surgery can eliminate important navel?

The navel is a purely aesthetic function making it possible to remove the skin around it and simply create a new body to maintain aesthetics.

Are all parts of the body can operate?

Almost all body parts are operable, even the most visible signs of aging can be arranged. But surgery does not stop time or guarantee of a slim body forever. Results depend on each patient.

Is it impossible to gain weight again after surgery?

No. Surgery is no guarantee of eternal thin, nervous system, endocrine and lifestyle influence the results of the procedure.

Many people experience anxiety after the procedure so you have episodes of eating disorder so it is recommended postoperative supervised by a professional.

How is surgery recommended?

The gastric bypass surgery is recommended for people with overweight from 40 kilos and the physical and emotional benefits of this procedure are many. Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision and is expected to help mainly the self-image and self esteem.

What about breastfeeding?

Augmentation surgery should not affect breastfeeding, although the results depend on the quality of the procedure. In the case where the areola is removed and the nipple if you lose the ability to breastfeed.

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