Get Rid of Cellulite in Just 50 Minutes!

08 Aug

Hot Chilli is a revolutionary slimming and cellulite treatment. Even the first meeting can drop three inches in circumference and 1 kg in weight! Results are long lasting and miraculous considering that the treatment is 100% natural.

What does Hot Chilli?

Bandages soaked in effect thermo-active gel intended to anyone affected by cellulite or fat deposits. Peper natural extracts of chilli (pepper), nettle, thyme and chestnut amazing cause a decrease in centimeters and kilograms.

And toning muscles is much firmer, even after one session. Hot Chilli is a potent detoxifier, drainage, helps to accelerate blood circulation, the destruction and elimination of fat deposits or excess retained water.

Stages of the treatment

* Scrub the areas of thermal treatment by energetic movements – a day / week;
* Fairly closely the implementation fase treatment areas, an area that: your knees up to waist or two areas at the ankles to the waist, wrapping in plastic sheet and infrared INTRODUCTION tunnel for 30-40 min.;
* After that no longer applies the creams but you should not wash for at least 2 hours after treatment.


* Cellulite of any grade and any type, especially fibrous;
* Localized fat deposits;

Treatment is contraindicated in pregnant people, varicose veins, epilepsy, or allergies spasmophilia one of the components of treatment.

Treatment is specialized exclusively in salons because it involves making peeling and exposure to heat or infrared thermo tunnel for 50 minutes.

Sicilian red oranges diminishes stretch marks!

Body treatments specialists in Spain have reached an astonishing result: the natural extract of red orange lead to rapid weight loss! Not just eating this fruit, but if they are used in the design of excellent body treatments.

Complex natural mud made from seaweed extract and natural vitamin C of orange tomatoes from Sicily, India chestnut extract, ivy extract and natural healing lead to a healing rate of 20-30% of stretch marks!

Key benefits

* Toning;
* Remove excess water from the body;
* Strengthen capillaries;
* Edematous cellulite treatment.

How is the treatment?

* Implementing treatment mask on all areas;
* Sauna pants dressing;

What is the recommended treatment?

* Edematous cellulite grade II-III;
* Water retention;
* Stretch marks located on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen;

It is advisable to carry out intensive sessions 2-3 times a week and do not shower at least 3 hours after treatment, because the products continue to act at cellular level.

What results can you expect?

1. weight loss: 3-5 kg / treatment;
2. decrease in centimeters: 10-12cm in circumference
3. reduce cellulite 30-35% after treatment;
4. 20-23% diminishes stretch marks after treatment.

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