How to prepare at home cellulite cream

20 Mar

cellulite creamCellulite suffers more or less gravity about 90% of women who are past puberty, and can be located mainly in the buttocks and thighs.

In these times when the economy most people are suffering from the problem of unemployment, higher prices in supermarkets and rising mortgage interest, surely you are a person before you buy considered a product of luxury, prefer to save that money.

But the crisis we are experiencing does not have to affect our health or to feel good about ourselves. So I give you advice on how to prepare for cellulite cream at home without spending a lot of money.


  • Surely you prepare at home every day a couple of coffees.
  • If you use coffee to take two capsules once already used, and only takes a tablespoon of coffee grounds in your coffee conventional.
  • Put coffee grounds in a bowl and add a little olive oil.
  • If you use the capsules with a knife cut the edge of two of them carefully and empty the contents without burning.
  • Take a shower normally and once you’ve finished adding some of your usual gel into the bowl.
  • You have your anti-cellulite cream homemade.
  • With the hand removes the component from the bowl and you apply it throughout the body, especially the parts where you have cellulite and a massage with it.
  • Once you’ve distributed to you by the parts of the body with cellulite and you did the massage, you just have clarified what with water.
  • You will not be quiet at all smell of coffee in the body, just a bit in the bathroom.
  • Now you can put your daily moisturizer.
  • To read more articles like how to prepare anti-cellulite cream at home, we recommend you enter our category of skin care.


  • One tablespoon of coffee grounds or two capsules of coffee.
  • Oil.
  • Your gel.

Do it daily and in a few days you will notice improvement.
You will notice that your skin will also be more hydrated, which you can do throughout the body as it is like a body scrub.
The remains will go down the drain apart to be cleaned.

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