Cellulite, truth or lie?

05 Sep

celulitisSummer’s coming, and still there. Do you think it’s easy to get rid of it? Here are some urban legends that are, by themselves to fight against cellulite.

If you lose weight is just. It is true that orange skin occurs more when there is slightly overweight, its appearance depends not only on her. In fact, when edematous cellulite, thinning may even make it more visible if more flaccid.

Just use creams from time to time. We remember when it thunders Santa Barbara, and cellulite, a month before going to the beach. To be truly effective it should use no more seen the first signs of cellulite and be very consistent in its use.

A drink lots of water! It is true that an adequate intake of water helps the body drain well, but it alone is not sufficient to eliminate the orange peel.

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