The juvenile and adolescent acne

01 Feb

suffered from acnesuffered from acne Acne and the onset of puberty have always gone hand in hand. As our children are entering adolescence, the appearance of blemishes and pimples on the face and especially in the chest and back sometimes makes both parents and teens see themselves immersed in a problem that usually transient and without too much importance, but that over time can cause problems to some important points in the young who suffer these anomalies in his body. This is the case of loss of self and complex addition to the pain and discomfort they cause.

The basics of acne are usually genetic, suggesting that if our parents and pimples, surely we go through the same temporary trance. Because the transient problem is something we should know our teenagers, so they know that something will happen in not too long, when you become an adult, and not leave any sequelae alarming.

Besides the basic information provided is properly oriented in a series of skin care that everything contribute it more bearable. Something important must have in mind is that the grains must not be touched, because if they do can cause scarring and also the fat capsule usually stays at home and grow back even stronger than before, compounding the problem.

Proper eating habits cause them to remove excess fat in the skin. This would be the case of fruit and vegetables and intake of fluids. Keep in mind that candy, soft drinks and generally high-fat foods safely intensifies the appearance of acne and pimples.

However, if the problem is growing, it should go to consultation with a dermatologist, who surely find a way to solve the problem, setting in motion one of the many treatments and remedies that are usually quite effective. Some of them are: cortisone injections to reduce inflammation, oral preparations and other topical treatments that help eliminate the acne problem.

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