Red, scaly skin

31 Mar

Red skinIf you start feeling intense discomfort in the neck, arms and back of the knees, with severe itching that comes with a rash, you should know that this is not normal and can be suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Mostly, those who suffer from this disease usually have family records of it in relation to conditions such as dermatitis or allergic rhinitis or truck including bronchial asthma. What happens is that the skin becomes red, dry and looks puffy and swollen, and adding areas where it becomes flaky. Under these symptoms are common due to scratching to bleeding and crusting.

The figures show that one in 5 children suffers from this skin problem thus becomes a common disease in children less than 12 years. In adults the low number represents a 2%.

Symptoms include redness of the skin that will head to toe in forearms, face and legs and one consequence is that because of itching can not sleep.

Treatment does a dermatologist and lasts several weeks, even hospitalization may be necessary.

The largest organ of our body is a regulator of body temperature and is our protector against infectious organisms by this, and much more, it is essential to take care and keep it healthy. To avoid this type of skin diseases is indispensable daily wetting of the dermis with the use of creams.

There is no known cure for atopic dermatitis but if treatments relieve symptoms.

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