Take care of your skin with grape seed oil

04 May

 grapeseed oilBesides being highly nutritious, grape seeds have a powerful elixir: highly valued oil in the field of cosmetics because of its medicinal properties.

Pressing the seeds in cold oil is extracted from grape seeds, a plant substance that can be combined basis with other essences for maceration for excellent natural treatments.


Young skin: because it has vitamins A and E, is a fantastic anti-aging treatment. You can also apply to young skin because its consistency is light.

Antioxidant: resveratrol possesses an antioxidant capable of regenerating different tissues of the skin.

Goodbye Acne: a homemade mask that combines the grape seed oil with other substances (now see), favors the disappearance of unwanted pimples.

Applications and treatments:

Direct application: When you pass this oil directly to the skin, the positive effects are significant; because it has a light texture penetrates the skin without clogging pores.

Ingestion: There are products made from this oil that can be taken orally. Drink one teaspoon per day and, in turn, apply three or four drops on the face and neck after the morning and once at night to boost its results. Then in the sunshine, complemented by a sunscreen.

Acne: Mix a teaspoon of oil of grapes, a spoonful of green clay, and two tablespoons of thyme or rosemary infusion, a few drops of tea tree oil. Let stand two minutes and apply on affected areas. Wait ten or fifteen minutes, without allowing it to dry and remove the mask with warm water.

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