Pomegranate helps you rejuvenate your skin

09 Sep

rejuvenate The pomegranate has important health benefits, joins its sweet flavor and beauty of its red color. But what does this fruit that is able to rejuvenate your skin?

Pomegranate is a delicious fruit that is grown in Greece since prehistoric times. Punica gratanum, according to its botanical name, has beautiful shiny leaves and red leaves us with showy flowers and fruits. During the days of flowering, its light is captivating.

When you pass the summer fruit trees adorn the huge orange ball reminiscent of Christmas trees. The pomegranate has always had a strong symbolism passion, abundance and fertility. In Greece, New Year’s Day people break a grenade into the driveway and, if the seeds are dispersed, understand that will be one of fortune.

The pomegranate is often regarded as the superfood of the many vitamins it contains. Granada extract is a rich source of tannins, amino acids, vitamins (A, C, E) and minerals, which for centuries has become a great ally against the effects of oxidative stress. To include your benefits in skin creams and other cosmetic products has been unpacking, getting a juice with high concentrations of polyphenols and anthocyanins (pigment responsible for red color of some fruits), which is much higher antioxidant activity than red wine or tea green.

In particular, it is known that pure pomegranate extract reaffirms the skin tissue, offers antioxidant properties and allows the skin to regain its flexibility and elasticity. It also has astringent properties that reduce the size of the pores, making it ideal for mixed or oily skin.

Pomegranate seed oil is extracted from a single, highly valued for the treatment of mature skin. The secret lies in its composition: fatty acids, vitamins and natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. In addition, its high acid content Punic rebuilds and regenerates the skin naturally.

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