Massage Oil Benefits

08 Jul

Oils contain many elements designed to nourish the skin. For even greater efficiency, is ideal to add in an oil, fragrant, distilled from various plants, roots and seeds. What can you use vegetable oils for skin care?

Apricot kernel oil
Color: pale yellow
Components: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids
Action: remove the stress, helps to achieve a steady state

* Good for all skin types, especially prematurely aging skin, dehydrated and sensitive;
* Is appropriate to use undiluted.

Avocado oil

Color: deep green
Components: vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, pantothenic acid, protein, lecithin

* Good for all skin types;
* Preferably diluted with 10% base oil;
* Avocado oil is indicated in treating psoriasis.

Avocado oil is also used in the manufacture of various cosmetics. In market there are a number of cleansing creams and lotions to prevent premature aging of the skin caused by skin dehydration. Among the products include avocado oil and bath oils and shampoos.

Yarrow oil

Color: pale yellow
Components: gamma-linoleic acid, vitamins, minerals
Action: is regenerative, stimulating

* For psoriasis;
* For eczema.

Coconut oil

Color: Bright Yellow
Components: Solid at room temperature and requires heating

* Good for all skin types, especially at very dehydrated;
* Good for the hair, with an extremely moisturizing.

Grapeseed oil

Color: colorless or pale green
Components: vitamins, minerals, protein, rich in linoleic acid
Action: non-allergenic

* Good for all skin types;
* Is used undiluted.

Jojoba oil

Color: dark yellow
Components: proteins, minerals
Action: helps prevent oxidation of the oils has a role in excess sebum

* Used in treating skin disorders: eczema, acne;
* Last longer than other oils;
* Can be used alone or diluted with other oils.

Olive oil

Color: Green
Components: proteins, minerals, vitamin E, calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, carotene
Action: remove the effect of heat and stiffness in motion

* Good for all skin types;
* Can be used undiluted, but maximum efficiency is obtained diluted;
* Recommended virgin olive oil cold pressed.

Peanut oil

Color: pale yellow
Components: protein, B vitamins, niacin, minerals
Action: anti-inflammatory

* If you are not allergic to peanuts, then the oil is suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, dry;
* Used to treat arthritis or bursitis.

Sesame oil

Color: dark yellow
Components: Vitamin E, amino acids
Action: antiseptic, nutritious, prevents premature skin aging, purifying

* Good for all skin types, except visibly irritated skin;
* Used to treat arthritis, rheumatism;
* Kill scabies, ringworm and most yeast;
* Can be used in 100% concentration, but is most effectively diluted by 10%.

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