Skin Care for 16-29 years

30 Aug

In the 20s hard to think of the future, at that time that hair, body and skin are a wonderful time and the themes of wrinkles and spots appear to be anything other … But we must be cautious. When the sun must be taken into account the concept “solar capital.”

What does it mean? When we are born, we have a specific and limited capacity for defense against ultraviolet radiation, which we consume as we are exposed to it. It is like money: the more conservative we are with him, the more we will last. And in winter, give a break to the skin so that it can recover and allow it to regenerate.

Tan also. It should be protected only when it is pale. It is important to keep using protection factors of medium to high when there is already a good tan, it will avoid causing further damage to the skin.

Different formats. The spray products, such as those for athletes or even men, are perfect for oily, slightly more common in youth.

Formulas ‘Terrain’ … The sport lovers will do well to find ways resistant to water and sand to ensure comprehensive protection.
… And a broad spectrum. Looking broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects both UVB (the burning) and UVA, which causes sagging and staining.

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