Melasma: Mask of Pregnancy

21 Oct

Mask of PregnancyIt is a skin disease also known as mask of pregnancy, chloasma, cloth and / or staining of the kidney or liver disease.

Disproportionately affects women and dark brown skin and besides being a health problem, is also a cosmetic problem that greatly affects the self esteem and presentation of a person cause of sometimes leading to severe depression.

The areas of the body most affected are the face (forehead, cheeks, jaw, mustache, nose and chin), neck and receiving intense ultraviolet radiation.

This skin disease affects more women than men and more frequently in people living in geographic areas with more intensity ultraviolet radiation.

The cause of this disease, but has been associated with:
Solar radiation.
Use of hormonal contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy for menopause.
Thyroid diseases.
Constant proximity to emission sources of heat such as sauna baths, steam.
Constant proximity to fluorescent lighting and computers.
Excessive use of cosmetics and perfumes.
Injuries or blows to the skin.
Use of certain medications.

Although it is also called “liver spots and kidney”, there is evidence that diseases are caused by these two bodies.

Although there is no treatment that permanently remove stains, the dermatologist can suggest based on the origin of the spots, which can minimize the problem. There are some that may clarify or avoid leaving more as the use of skin lightening, the crazy-scrubs or peels, treatments with intense pulsed light devices and lasers, but these should always be applied by a specialist.

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