Skin in Different Age

30 Oct

Skin in Different AgeAfter a long day, you deserve the break. And you know that when you sleep well, your face is the main reflection the next morning. And is that while you rest, your skin does too.

16 – 20 years

In the evening, wash with water (initially warm, then cold) with a mild soap and water. Wipe dry. Then apply a nourishing cream (without hormones!). After 20 minutes, blot the excess with a tissue. During the day let your skin breathes freely. Just a little powder. Paint your lips slightly. Eyebrows and eyelashes comb daily with castor oil. Eyebrows do not shave. If you strongly want to, you can just pull out. On solemn occasions, use a compact powder, lipstick paint bright natural colors. Mascara for the eyes, choose according to hair color. If your hair is dark – black, and if light – brown. Eyebrows in a pinch you can barely draw a pencil. With youthful acne and oily skin – care with special products for oily skin (you can buy them at the pharmacy), large doses of vitamin A and E.

20 – 30 years

Once a day, use a nourishing cream. Thoroughly clean the skin before bedtime. During the day, use of decorative cosmetics and perfumes. General care – depending on skin type. At this age, the first wrinkles appear around the neck and around the eyes. Therefore, twice a week the skin around the eyes treated with special cream or butter for the eyes, gently hammering his fingertips. On the neck and chest 2-3 times a week, apply this mixture: 15 g of alcohol, 70 g of water (preferably distilled), 1 g of rosemary, 25 g of sweet almond (finely crushed it and grind), 5 g of tincture of myrrh. Ready mix to leave for 4 days and then pass through a fine sieve. Deposited mixture to dry on the skin.

30 – 40 years

Every evening fingertips pierce skin nourishing cream. Twice a week to places where there are wrinkles, apply placenta cream. Clean the skin with makeup remover or milk for the face, avoiding soaps and gels. Happy to protect the skin, use bold moisturizer. As often as possible to do gymnastics for cheeks. First, they greatly inflate. After that, conversely, gather in, as if sucking the water out of the bottle. 1 time per week to do a face mask or wrap. Ingredients – depending on skin type. Wash with soft water. Tap water can be softened with baking soda (no more than 1 teaspoon per gallon of water).

At this age starts dry skin, wrinkles appear first on the upper lip. Therefore, while bathing make fat mask with a very good nourishing cream. Every second day – tapping massage around the eyes with butter or cream for the eyes and the area between the nose and mouth. Take a good makeup. But do not apply a thick layer, as it will emphasize wrinkles at the mouth.

With a sharp light definitely use dark glasses. Tendency to excess weight to suppress, believing calories. Your diet should be very rich in vitamins. Night’s sleep should be sufficient.

40 – 55 years

Twice a week to do a face mask: alternate nourishing mask and a mask with hormone ointment. Every day, apply a vitamin, nourishing cream. Instead of soap and water cleans the skin milk facial. To nourish the skin, as well as a day cream under make-up and use highly moisturizing creams. Lips and permanently lubricated with special oil or cream. Eyebrow comb often with butter and Touch up a couple of shades darker. Use lipstick restrained reds. Periodically check the color of your skin: how she turned pale or yellowed compared to previous years. Makeup and clothing should be in harmony with her on color. At this age are beginning to turn gray and thinning hair, appears overweight, more and more wrinkles and your skin drier. Twice a year, you need a vitamin course. About four weeks, take enhanced doses of vitamins A, E and B strictly monitor the amount of calories absorbed.

With 55 years

Twice a week, do 20-minute mask with placenta preparations, half mixed with a nourishing cream. Especially take care of the skin around the eyes and mouth. Daily massaging his forehead. Before going to bed rub alternately enriched or nourishing cream. Lips every second day massage with special oil. For full-time protection: bold moisturizers with a matte effect. Very carefully use a rouge and powder. Paint your lips in a natural tone. Eyebrows carefully comb the brush and pull out. Tint them only slightly darker. After a 60 – no strong-smelling perfume. Use the natural flavors – such as lavender. In no case do not let your makeup, clothing or hairstyle resembled a girl’s.

For the elderly show a marked loss of hair and teeth. An increasing number of age spots. Appear senile warts. Because of tooth loss as it falls through the mouth. The spin starts to slouch. There are problems with being overweight. Without the intervention of specialists already can not do. Contact the beauty salon on the spots and warts. Go to the dentist – about good dental prostheses. A podiatrist and masseur – over the back. And be sure to follow the diet.

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