Combination Skin

13 Nov

Skin DisorderCombination skin is the most common especially among older people.

The central part of the face (forehead, nose and chin) tends to be oilier and coarser texture than the rest of the face. Dry cheeks and have a tendency to crack.

The skin usually has mixed the two disorders, dry and greasy, plus normal areas, unevenly distributed.

Although it is normal that people have more fat in the lower limits of the nose, outer area of the ears and on top of the forehead skin in people of mixed these differences are more noticeable and may have enough fat on the chin and nose, while around the eyes and lips are often dry.

Local treatment is complicated because it is difficult to separate the face by pieces at each location to apply the appropriate cream. Therefore what can be done is to treat the face with normal skin products that not grease or drying, although giving a good massage for each application to stimulate blood circulation. This, plus a balanced diet (little meat and lots of vegetables) and a few supplements of vitamins A and E, can achieve a great improvement in a few months.

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