Skin care specific to each type

12 Sep

What is it?
We know what type of skin we have to give specific care needs. Dry skin requires gentle soaps, cleaning with warm water and moisturizing and regenerative products, while fats should regulate excess oil they produce. The ventures require more attention, as they must combine the two previous cares to present a good appearance, especially in the so-called T-zone, which covers the forehead, nose and chin.

Treatment and prevention
The special care needed for each type of skin does not have to be homogeneous, but quite the opposite.

Thus, dry skin requires showers with warm water, mild soap and moisturizing and regenerative products. Oily skin, astringent pads to remove excess fat and cosmetics with a base of oil-free water. Meanwhile, combination skin needs special treatment for the cheeks, which are usually drier, and the T-zone, which is more fat and is where the acne and other impurities. Know every skin care need specific help significantly to improve its appearance.

Dry Skin Care:
- Avoid long hot showers; hot water removes natural oils from the body much faster than warm water. Long showers or baths are, in fact, one of the causes of the drying of the skin. Limit exposure to hot water to five or ten minutes a day.

- Use a soft gel with moisturizer. Opt for those with no perfume or other additives.

- Moisturize your skin while wet. Upon exiting the shower did not dry completely and use that time to apply moisturizers and lock moisture in the skin. You can use oils in the bath. Avoid, however, products with alcohol.

- What components should look for in a moisturizer:

or Ceramides help maintain the skin’s water and calm the effects of dry skin. The synthetic may limit natural substances in the outermost layer of the skin that help maintain moisture.

or hyaluronic acid , as ceramides, hyaluronic acid retains water in the skin.

or lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum These substances will help keep the water that has absorbed the skin during bathing.

or dimethicone and glycerin, bring water to the skin and keep it.

- At night, after toning, apply a regenerating cream.
- Use sunscreen with SPF 30 at least to protect your skin if you are doing outdoor activities.

- Tips for daily life:

1. Home can help connect a humidifier to make your skin less dry acknowledgment of the environment and is not affected, for example, in winter.

2. Wear cotton and other natural fibers. Wool, synthetics and other tissues may be too harsh and irritating.

3. Drink water.

4. Eat a diet rich in omega-3. Fatty acids are essential and can strengthen retaining the natural barriers of oils in your skin. Foods rich in omega-3 are oily fish (salmon, sardines, and turbot), nuts and safflower oil.

5. If perceived itching or swelling of the skin, see your doctor.

Oily Skin Care:
- For the skin has a good the most important thing you can do is keep it clean with warm water and normal cleaning gel. If you have acne problems, you can use a salicylic acid or oats.

- Wash your face with soap can irritate your skin if done with products that carry alcohol can contribute to dry. Check what bracing used.

- Use astringent pads if frequently washing causes irritation and cosmetic use water-based or non-fat or oils.

- Hydration is not a problem for oily skin. On the contrary. Look for a moisturizer designed for oily skin.

- Remember, removing make-up before going to sleep. Leave the skin makeup for so many hours of unnecessary blocks the pores of your skin and prevents it transpire. You can generate blackheads or acne.

- Use specific cosmetic or makeup for oily skin is recommended.

Combination skin Care:
Do not use moisturizing products for the entire face as the area further engrasarĂ­amos T – or products that counteract the fat and dry area over the cheeks. That is, for each product or part, or a specific combination skin, but they compensate that provide moisturizing sebum production.

- Hydration, in fact, is important for combination skin because the fat area may also be dehydrated. Find a product of smooth texture and lightweight oil-free.

- How you apply the moisturizer will also help compensate for the dry zone with fat. Start spreading the product on the cheeks and massage until absorbed almost completely. Then spread it across his forehead, nose and chin, and will not excess.

- The tonic also serves to maintain balance and cleaning your skin. Pick it well to avoid drying out the skin, but the hydrate.

- Scrub: Make a scrub once a month. Apply product to damp skin with special emphasis on the T-zone, and are best removed impurities. Cleaning your skin thoroughly fight bacteria, which are those that favor the appearance of acne.

Hydration is necessary for combination skin, both in the dry zone as fat.

Mature skin Care:
1. Use products for skin care that will provide vitamin C.

2. Stop smoking, snuff is shown that accelerates the aging of the skin.

3. Eat a balanced diet that will help repair the damage caused by external aggressions such as those that cause the sun and other environmental elements.

4. Drink plenty of water because, among other benefits, will help to hydrate the skin from within his own body.

Teen Skin Care:

- Before selecting cosmetics or skin care, consult a dermatologist. It is advisable to avoid those that are free of oil and that may block the pores of the skin.

- Do not touch or pinch facial defects such as acne can leave scarring.

- Gently clean the skin with a cleanser every morning and before bed, also after exercise, and avoid rubbing or rub with rough fabrics.

- Protect your skin from the rays of sun creams with sun protection (link to photoprotection according to skin types) 30 or more regularly as the sun can damage skin and promote premature aging.

In addition to using moisturizer, what else I can do for my dry skin?
After toning every night, you can improve your appearance a regenerating cream, containing Q10 and is rich in collagen and / or elastin.

My skin is very oily, and despite following the recommended care, do not fix the problem. What I can do?
The usual remedies are to cleanse your face with warm water and mild detergent, avoid harsh soaps, and use salicylic acid products for acne and astringent pads against irritation. If you have tried to no avail, should talk to a dermatologist to evaluate the case. Products may be prescribed to limit the production of oil in your skin.

17 years and I have problems with acne does drinking the sun can help me solve the problem?
The tan can give short term benefits, such as making the skin look less fat, but ultimately counterproductive. Moreover, young people are more prone to skin burns if in addition to excess sun using acne treatments or taking other medications. Always use sunscreen with a high protection factor (minimum 30) and consult a dermatologist to discuss your skin type and the best treatment advice.

Expert opinion
Knowledge of the characteristics of our skin can provide specific and effective care. People with dry skin, for example, should remedy the loss of natural oils that can lead to skin cracking. Exfoliate to remove dead cells, avoid long hot baths and choose an effective moisturizer can give very good results. Oily skin also needs hydration, but products with a base of fat-free water. It also requires cleaning with mild soap and alcohol-free because otherwise it might dry out. Still need more caution people with combination skin, because in the area have a fat face (forehead, nose and chin) and dry the cheeks. Again, there are some specific recommendations and products to balance the skin.

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