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17 Dec

skin care products There are face masks, moisturizers, toners etc. Know the functions of the various products for skin care and decide which is best for you.

The most common products for skin care are:

The masks have a higher concentration of active ingredients that creams used regularly in the face. For this reason it is used less frequently. There are several types of masks read types of masks

Moisturizers or humectants
They can be for day or night or for specific functions to treat wrinkles or irritated skin. They come in various textures from light to rich and thick. Its function varies independently of the ingredients they contain.

Can have the same benefits and functions of the creams but their texture is lighter. Generally they are for normal skin or fat. They have the advantage of quickly absorbed into the skin.

They are another presentation of the same or nearly the same ingredients of creams and lotions. Generally they are for oily, combination or normal. They are light and do not leave a greasy barrier on skin.

Mouse moisturizer
This type of product is not very common. But basically it is another presentation of moisturizers. When you press the bottle you get foam that is placed on the skin.

They are used mostly for the body but there are for the face. There are some oils that are absorbed quickly into the skin. Also there to clean the skin and can be very effective. Even oily skin can use certain oils for cleaning and for specific functions such as wetting or treat pimples.

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